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Shivar Sansad is an initiative to help the distressed farmers of Osmanabad with the help of natural resources available in the region, especially the “Osmanabadi” Goat whose milk has rare skincare properties. This Osmanabadi goat milk is utilized as a raw material to manufacture beauty soap. With this, Shivar aims to financially strengthen farmers, and the widows & families affected by farmer suicides by providing a sustainable source of income, especially during the non-farming season.

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  • In Sunandan Lele’s words

    In Maharashtra, Osmanabad is one of the districts that suffers from scarcity of water. Consequently,...

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  • This soap is, not made from any chemicals. The material used in the making of product are Natural oils, charcoal, calendula with goat milk.




Pratisaad House, 363/3, Off.J.M. Road Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005