Encouraging responsible corporates for CSR funding

As per Schedule VII of The Companies Act 2013 , Section 135 provision ” ii) ….. livelihood enhancement projects.” and “x) Rural Development Project” are considered as valid CSR activities. Shivar Sansad through its project in line with the CSR compliances encourages Public and private sector enterprises to invest the CSR findings in various initiatives for the upliftment of farmer’s families.

Shivar Sansad, through its projects focused on dissuading farmers from committing suicides by providing them assistance on different platforms enabled public and private sector organizations to invest their CSR funds. The CSR funds would elevate the life of farmer’s families by bringing in behavioural change in the communities through various projects designed by Shivar in project mode.

Shivar Sansad has been building capacities of farmers by introducing livelihood options and also training them in agricultural allied fields like goat rearing. By identifying untapped resources like goat milk and utilizing it as a raw material to manufacture beauty soap Shivar envisions to strengthen farmers financially especially during the Non-farming season.

For details please contact at ceo.shivar@gmail.com only for corporates