Published on: 4th November 2019

In Sunandan Lele’s words

In Maharashtra, Osmanabad is one of the districts that suffers from scarcity of water. Consequently, the farmers of this region are depressed and anxious as they don’t get a good rainfall. However hard they work, nature doesn’t support their efforts, which in turn leads to a poor harvest. It’s saddening to share that Osamanabad is now defamed for farmers’ suicides.

By starting its helpline in Osmanabad, Shivar Foundation has been a boon in disguise for the farmers. They organized workshops through which the farmers were discouraged from entertaining any thoughts about suicide.

As a corollary, Shivar Foundation turned to Osmanabadi goats, which can be bred and reared by the local population. Through various tests and studies, Shivar Foundation made soaps from Osmanabadi goat’s milk, which supports the farmers’ livelihood.